You Ain't No Picasso - August 2006

While we all hold our collective breath waiting for the new Circulatory System album, Cloud Recordings is offering up something just as good, The New Sound of Numbers’ new album, Liberty Seeds. If it feels like other Cloud bands, don’t be surprised. TNSON is Hannah Jones of Circulatory System with a little help from other members of Circulatory System, The Instruments and Olivia Tremor Control.

On the press sheet, Hannah Jones is listed first as a “visual artist,” then as a percussionist for Circulatory System and The Instruments. And while rhythm reigns supreme on the album, I was initially struck by the mental images that this brings up. Like Black Foliage before it, Liberty Seeds is trippy, wild and the kind of album you can listen to blindfolded and not be bored. It’s like having your ears attacked–in a good way.



Used without permission, Sorry.