olivia tremor control -
music from the unrealized film script, dusk at cubist castle

the olivia tremor control's debut double album from 1996, finally back in print!

"The sound of unfettered creativity, the album incorporates a slew of influences and textures (including Beach Boys-flavored pop, psychedelia, Krautrock, noise, and folk-rock) and synthesizes them into a distinct homebrew of shimmering harmonies, guitar drones, backwards tape loops and inventive effects." - Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

track listing:
side one
1. opera house
2. frosted ambassador
3. jumping fences
4. define a transparent dream
5. no growing

side two
6. holiday surprise 1, 2, 3
7. courtyard
8. memories of jacqueline 1906
9. tropical bells
10. can you come down with us?
11. marking time

side three
12 - 21. green typewriters

side four
22. spring succeeds
23. theme for a very delicious grand piano
24. i can smell the leaves
25. dusk at cubist castle
26. the gravity car
27. nyc-25

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mp3 samples:
excerpt from 'jumping fences'
excerpt from 'define a transparent dream'