icy demons
icy demons band:
Blue Hawaii - bass tones, vocals, simple keyboards, guitar, electronics
Pow Pow - drums, percusssion, piano, marimba, electronics
Young Master Schneider - guitar, keyboards, elec. kalimba, bass pedals
Thousand Rabbits Running - complex keyboards, reed instruments, vocals
Moylando Calrissian - guitar, operations manager

icy demons bio:
A new band featuring bass player / producer Griffin Rodriquez (Bablicon), drummer Chris Powell (Need New Body), and Chicago instrumentalists Dave Moyland, Matt Schneider, & Dave McDonnell. An epic journey into the nether regions of pop music, hallucinatory chamber jazz, and mid-70s German-style electronics, the rich / warm sound of the upright bass is perfectly captured within the exquisite orchestrations featuring layered woodwinds, occasional vocals, and complex percussion patterns. Includes a 12-page full-color fold out poster.

CLD005 Icy Demons - Fight Back!
track listing:

1. Young One
2. Icy Demons
3. Manny's
4. Bitter Moon
5. Detachable Face
6. The Silent Hero
7. Chimatown
8. Desert Toll / Spirit Guide
9. Simian Warlords
10. Wet Sweater
11. Vera May
12. Bowser
13. Bitter Sun

Paintings by: Issac Lin

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