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faster circuits

photo by Chris Herron, © 2013

Faster Circuits, the expansive and skewed psych-pop project helmed by longtime Athens, GA scene-crux Derek Almstead, drops its first album this June 25th, 2013 on Cloud Recordings. Tunes of Glory flexes the sonic and attitudinal complexity Derek developed as a key contributing musician and oft-used engineer for vaunted Athens-centric mainstays Olivia Tremor Control, of Montreal, The Glands, Elf Power, Vic Chesnutt, Circulatory System and a multitude of others too varied to list; truly, this new record represents a collision of patented Athenian melodic chops, a generous and lyrical compositional approach, and a lived-in experimental consciousness that flashes combustible bits of avant-jazz, modern minimalism and exuberant paint-peeling guitar skree.

Recorded over a period of years at his own home digs, Pixel Studio, Tunes of Glory enlists a bevy of old friends and collaborators and, thusly, exudes the warmth and familiarity you'd expect thereof. Guided by Almstead's persistent, inclusive vision, however, the album cultivates a focused chiaroscuro ambiance not dissimilar to Eno's teeth-bearing early forays into 1970's rock, Stereolab's beautiful and melodic extensions of Krautrock's longform promise and, finally, Faust's joyous song-based subversions of pop structures into something else altogether. For fans of the aforementioned as well as S.F. Sorrow-era Pretty Things, Smog, Icy Demons, and Derek's former solo-project, M. Coast.


tunes of glory
(release date: june 25, 2013)

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